The Garden Gallery, Morro Bay, CaliforniaAbout The Garden Gallery

After relocating their family to Morro Bay from Southern California in the 1950’s, Dick and Barbara Baynham became the proprietors of a parcel of land at the corner of Pacific and Embarcadero. Originally established as a boatyard and fuel dock for servicing the busy commercial and recreational fishing industry; at the time a vital part of Morro Bay’s economy. It was not until 1974, as business began to change and the waterfront began to take shape as the retail tourist attraction recognizable to most of us today, Dick and Barbara decided to build a small garden and gift shop on their property. Both surprised and inspired by their success after two years, they decided to expand their business.  Initially conceived as one small building at its inception, the shop evolved to include the entire two story complex which Dick helped to design and build. Housing a large selection of home accessories, the outdoor area was added as demand grew for pottery, fountains and plant material. All of these elements combined to create what is currently the Garden Gallery.

At once elegant and earthy, the Garden Gallery offers a quintessential blend of indoor and outdoor living products which capture the essence of a fabled California lifestyle. Together, Dick and Barbara have created an atmosphere that could have only been achieved by carefully cultivating their mutual passion for the past three decades. To this day, each original display of merchandise is meticulously executed by Barbara. With no formal training, her innate talent and exquisite taste have kept pace with the pulse of her customers’ expectations. As a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in ornamental horticulture, Dick’s lush and impeccable plantings of succulents are living masterpieces. Most of his plants are grown on the property or hand-selected by Dick himself. A perfectionist with an eye for every last detail, each plant is hand watered and carefully nurtured. The result provides an unforgettable experience that can sometimes feel more like visiting a fine arts exhibition than a retail boutique.

In this seaside hamlet remains a tasteful retail stand-out. Often overcrowded with t-shirt shops and ordinary tourist attractions which change as frequently as the tides, the Garden Gallery is still thriving. The quiet gray building at the corner of Pacific and Embarcadero remains steadfast; a testament to what can be accomplished as a result of hard work and dedication to a shared vision. On any given day, you will still find Dick and Barbara happily at work minding their business. Assisted by a dedicated crew of seven employees, they show no sign of slowing down. Dick and Barbara discovered their passion and made it their life’s work. They are very grateful to the many customers who have passed through their shop all these years and wish for them the same happiness they have discovered.

The Garden Gallery